Cash Engineering Principles

In 2022, we set out to capture our current Engineering Principles: how high-performing engineering teams do their best work at Cash. We’re proud of the work we did to record them and want to share them with the world! If these principles match your idea of what a team looks like at its best, we’re hiring!

Cash Engineering Principles

Take care of one another

Respect your colleagues’ time, provide mentorship, and support each other in times of stress.

Bottom up empowerment

Ideas and leadership can flow from any part of the org chart. Management is there to enable, not gatekeep.

Process is a means, not an end

Regularly revisit processes and meetings and approaches - process is not set in stone and it needs to help rather than hurt.

Trust by default

Demonstrate trust of your colleagues through your actions: provide feedback without standing in each other’s way, trust each other to incorporate that feedback, and live up to that trust. Support each other instead of gatekeeping.

Work in public

Share docs, work in public Slack channels. Open source your work and present externally when possible. It’s OK to share even when things don’t work perfectly or aren’t finished yet. Make sure not to work in a silo.

Cross team boundaries to get things done

Sometimes getting things done requires working in systems beyond your own team. Don’t be afraid to cross those boundaries to work in other teams’ systems, and be helpful to other people doing the same in your team’s systems.

Show, don’t tell

Don’t just talk about what needs to be done - try things out, prototype, test it. Show it and make it real.

Act as an owner

Consider what will benefit the Cash customer as a whole, and what will benefit the engineering org as a whole. Speak up when our systems are not serving us. If you see something that needs to be fixed, you can fix it.

Ideas not egos

Good ideas are not tied to level or position in the organization. Hear out and give room for your teammates to grow, and expect senior engineers to convince those around them of their ideas.