Announcing Tempest 1.0

At Cash we love AWS DynamoDB. It has a nice API, is highly available, and is able to scale with our growing business.

DynamoDB applications perform best and cost the least to operate when data is organized for locality:

Tempest API

When we store multiple types in the same table for locality, we have a heterogeneous table. This improves performance. But it breaks type safety in DynamoDBMapper. This official Java API forces you to write weakly-typed code that models the physical persistence type.

Tempest gives you type safety without losing locality. It lets you declare strongly-typed key and item classes for each logical type in the domain layer. You build business logic with logical types. Tempest handles mapping them to the underlying persistence type.

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Today we are releasing Tempest 1.0 for Kotlin and Java. Check out the project website for API documentation and code samples.